Our take on Public vs Private School. What's better? Listen to find out

Our favorite Met Gala looks? Let's go to CAMP and roast S'mores and talk about it!! 

CYA Sickness

Call the waaaaaambulance. We're sick and tired. And sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

We take you through an In N Out Drive thru. Dinner on us!

CYA Cooking

We talk about what's the best foods to eat when you live alone and ramble on about our favorite fast food places. 

We're talking internships! One of us hates it, one of us loves it. Listen to find out why that is. 

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Listen to us talk about our travel horror stories, our tips to make our flights go by faster, and what bathing suits we buy that don't make us look like we're wearing a diaper. 

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